The Perfect Relationship Does Not Exist

I’m sorry to burst some people’s bubble: the perfect relationship does not exist.  You may think you are in one, and that’s ok to be honest.  But in reality, it doesn’t exist.  It never will exist.  There will always be certain things that can annoy you or anger you in little ways.  Sometimes in big ways.  But with all of this said, it makes a relationship great.

Nobody in this life is perfect.  We’ve all heard how if we were all perfect, the world would be so boring.  Same goes with a relationship.  We all face the triumphs and challenges of relationships.  We all visualize them in every relationship we’re exposed to.  People find so much in each other by their differences.  Those differences are what makes relationships so great, the joy someone finds in another by their past, their interests, by the way they love.

People will always have conflict.  That includes relationships too.  If there’s no conflict, wouldn’t a couple be boring?  Fighting, challenging and pleading are signs of love.  Those signs show love, they show how two people don’t just give up after conflict.  They show how people change for the better, how they can grow together, and how they can stay together.  The difference in a relationship is not bad at all.  It really isn’t.  It makes two people that much stronger, to be able to grow, to bond together over time.  The differences shouldn’t come along with strings, or should never be excuses.  It should never be used against you, nor should it prevent you to be happy with each other.

There will always be guilt, pain, heartbreak, and love in every relationship, no matter how serious it is.  Things from the past may be an issue, or you can grow from it as a couple and move on.  Nobody has to bring up anything from the past.  Everybody is capable of moving on, especially when you love that person in any capacity.  Be love in a relationship.  Be a reason why your spouse, boy friend, girlfriend, husband or wife is with you.  Remind them that you love them every day.


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