Is The World Really Going Down Hill?

For some reason, a lot of people have been asking me whether or not I think the world is heading for dark places or if we’re all going to hell in a hand basket with the directions our world leaders are taking us. Sure, you can think that and I wouldn’t blame you. But I really think it’s the wrong route to go when describing our future as a world and as a human race.

Granted, a lot of those conversations that we get into about our future have politics attached to them and what we personally think is right and wrong. But the direction we’re heading as humanity shouldn’t be about politics. The question being asked shouldn’t be whether we think we’re going down, but rather how it will be different.

We’re all different from each other. Countries are different from each other, going in many different directions. The older generations of people think that the younger ones are pathetic and think we’re all doomed. The younger ones have been growing up with technology and are glued to it, which upset the older ones. Nothing makes them better or worse than the other, it’s just difference.

Obviously with this post I may have opened up all kinds of arguments and criticisms, but that really is all that it is. Being different is reality, and that won’t ever change. We’re all growing each and every day. Younger generations are growing and learning about life and what it has to offer. The older generations are growing and learning on how to embrace tradition and how to include new ones.

There are plenty of flaws with both the young and the old, but is it really worth pointing them out and saying they are better or worse? It’s the human condition. We aren’t flawed at all as human beings. We’re just different.

Be respectful. Be happy. Be free. And most definitely be kind.

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