Loneliness And How To Beat It

Loneliness. We all feel it sometimes, more so for others, even people around us. It also has a friend named depression. Sometimes they go together, and other times one causes the other. But we all have felt lonely at one point or another in this life. That feeling is such a downer in your life, for your mood, for everything in general. Some people take it to a far extreme, and even contemplate ending their life because of it.

Sure, there’s people that aren’t too well mentally. Sometimes they just need a fresh start in their life and things will be back to normal, or even better than they were before. Others will dabble into it but think they’re crazy so they go and try to correct themselves. But honestly when I think about it, I think we’re all capable of being lonely.

We’re all on the verge of extreme sadness, otherwise known as depression. We all dabble between the highs and the lows of life, but somehow we remedy ourselves and go back to being normal. Granted that I’m fortunate enough to not be depressed, but I think the only way not to be sad is to keep yourself busy.

Goals are great motivation, but it also takes a type of person to WANT to achieve those goals. And anybody can achieve goals daily. We have to strive for more for our lives, and more for everybody else’s lives too. Keep up with your close friends and family’s goals, and they’ll keep you on yours.

Do whatever it is that makes you happy. Stay so busy that you won’t even have time to be sad about things. Sadness is part of this life her eon earth. There’s no avoiding it, so you might as well not think about it too much. Stay busy with life. Live it to the fullest. And bring others with you. That’s how you can never be alone. Beat loneliness. Make the best of what’s to come. Get excited for it.

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